My number one reason for talking about it is to erase the stigma that is surrounding addiction, especially the use of heroin, opioids.
— Angela Kennecke

Addiction Care Center

Avera Behavioral Health Services has been a leader in outpatient and intensive outpatient services for addiction care for many years. The Avera Addiction Care Center will create an environment to provide world class residential care for patients affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

The need for addiction care continues to grow, as an estimated 10 to 15 percent of people in the general population deal with chemical dependency.

The Emily’s Hope Fund at the Avera McKennan Foundation will help offset the cost of treatment and allow more people struggling with addiction to get the help they need. Removing financial barriers and getting people into effective treatment is the first step toward restoration, not only of the person suffering from substance use disorder, but of the entire family.

Emily’s Hope Art Scholarship

Emily's Hope Art Scholarship is a fund set up for graduating seniors in South Dakota pursuing a degree or field of study in art, with an emphasis in visual art.

Emily was a prolific painter and this is a way for her legacy to the art world to live on. 

Emily’s HOpe Art Scholarship Through The Sioux Falls Community Foundation